Missing Good


“Practice meditation … Don’t be heedless. Don’t later fall into regret.” The Buddha

there you have it, easy and hard hand-in-hand.
you can’t believe this shit if you weren’t so foolish.
it drives me crazy the crazy old fool

Let’s be clear that perception implies reality is hidden.
If the majority, if not all, of one’s i>experience lies in perception
where are we to go? The truth lies beyond our perception they say.
That without going into detail on the nature of reality….

The link to consciousness and perception should come.
Given our senses are that experiencing apparatus, sure
yes it happens as perception. An alternation of sense
will still fall into perception. Only logical thought, reason,
that is of the mind can not be seen as perception, but
based upon that data. Awakening is perhaps unending
in this way, to overcome perception. But how? how? Only
if you transcend perception, but that cannot lead to happiness.
Because happiness is sensory. I must describe it a better way.

Is perception the way the mind interprets data? Raw sense data.

i could believe that Reality is omega. It brings that kind of happiness
they call Bliss. This is maybe going hand-in-hand with unbinding, cuz
who can be blissed-out all the time?
Is reality also the way one interprets? This would seem to mean one
enters into that stream, thus similar to how our normal way is
a stream.

Many are expressing their disapproval recently. I can see that it’s been
outlandish. As my friend said “enough is enough”. i was actually going to write
something that might seem insensitive, but because nobody is reading my blog I will
enter this thought anyway. If all is perception, and what is reality?, then what does
some egregious act like the killing of a black man really means in the grand scheme of things?
Such a disruption seems to indicate that in this rather gradual movement towards a higher
consciousness we are distracted by the obscene. Apparently even too obscene for art-making purposes. Can’t history