Kill Someone Else


A riot is people coming together who are held together by their own dispossession.
A riot is them coming together to struggle against that dispossession in public space..
- Joshua Clover, an English professor at UC Davis

The the the…
Dispossesion I know something about that…

What you mean you weren’t going to be able to write?

I am a saint better than St. Ambroise of Old Bridge, NJ

Too much to say, something about white America again
Something about how they should be ashamed for…
Something about a neighbor’s baseball hand lost in the fire and blood
Something about how to get out!
Something like the misery of living in white America, made by white man for white man
Something about nothing
Something like I’ll be stuck in this devil town forever
Something now, something later.
Something about my mother – my only parent
Something about Nazi excuses but not really
Something about money – nothing new there.
Something about anger and it’s ability to completely dismantle my being
Limited writing space, the need for communicating
I know I’ll have a beer and feel better.
I can’t see it and not to listen to the dumb spoiled white children of the suburbs.
Not to just want to kill them and their parents and that way of life.
How I feel to no one.