Untitled 41


A victory without a defeat is like sport
but in life what is pain cannot be accomplished
however saddening this occurs
i go nowhere in my dreary mess head
only four-and-one-half percent alcohol
got me passed a day then another day
now i can’t find any purpose
restarts false van on bedford ave
how it happened i became so far
out of reach
now my teeth and my knee
but if all else fails just sink back
into the sand where i came from
not a time for the right word
and i guess that this crime has been
word has sinned like that
no matter! superfluous role calling
benefits the finger joints. Jeans.
Oh the moon, why all the meds favor u?
sun is weaker since cannot melt the flesh
watching the Elder Brueghel skull’s
birthday cap death flashing lights like
a digital clock glowing red ember…
pie chart rags enough to choke
gun hiding under lamp shade
leather won’t melt but i can’t breathe
i can’t breathe. that’s not him but
society doing work. for the promises
of tomorrow i oblige your wish. i must.