Today's Life


i wont remember this later on…only for me
i brushed my mom’s teeth right before she passed.
It is gross to brush someone else’s teeth, and in her case,
she hadn’t brushed them for over 1 month.
Let’s see…squeezing OJ, vitamins under the pillow (cute),
sleeping naked, diaper changing, super-hero neon ankle brace,
falling, last shower, color of her skin matching color of her hair,
what she said when I showed her a picture of herself the day she died,
how she couldn’t handle spicy food near the end
what it was she said, “prabhu” in her pain
too bad it wasn’t poof! more like poooooofffff!
Oh, cleaning her dirty fingernails..

This whole hero thing going on during the covid-19 crisis is total BS.
It’s a subplot designed by the elite and media to manufacturing consent.
This basically means keep certain group of workers happy while everyone
else sits on their asses collecting checks. The idiot culture will
easily intake and reciprocate their appreciation but it’s not genuine. If
it is….It’s important the media keeps
public in this state of mind because naturally modern humans are selfish
and don’t really give a shit about fellow man. Otherwise why would
minimum wages remain so stagnant for so long? Why only in recent times
have any accommodation being made? Hmm…the stock market has been climbing
like a rocket and those who are getting rich need to show some restraint.
Overall the middle has been increasingly becoming polarized…some moving up,
and others down. Those at the bottom have only recently begun to gain a more suitable
living wage. Even the whole argument of the 99 percent is BS. The media also sells this
tremendously b/c their are more Americans today that are living upscale than ever before.
Those who shop at Whole Foods and those who shop at Walmart is the best example I think.
Who are the big winners during covid-19? Corporate office workers hands-down.
In America the grandiose ideas always linger, equality, fairness, equal-rights,…otherwise you
have a you know what…so the point is and you know what else like how much sappy crappy
hugs and awww the whole thing is full of so much shit… boy, Lester Young and his band…yeah!