Early Bird


The early bird catches the worm they say.
The birds are in me; many many birds of various noises – blackness.
you cannot explain away things so easily.
I should have shown my mom a carousel of my favourite paintings
she was doing nothing, i was doing nothing, i am an engineer; i could have
done this with a collection of images, but no.
I hate the big ego but it goes forth
pettiness overwhelms like late-stage cancer
the day is looking good, but i can’t see!
too much again, need to cut back the BS
don’t drink in front of daddy
color my ego red and yellow, hence keep it
logic and space condense this
billy childish the painter, can’t be sure, but wtf.
matt joss, all lowercase letter or all upper.
joe biden, kind of funny actually.
emotions can be subtle, can’t he cry?
then…it is all too much George, it is.
reading all this back eventually right?
….what really happens though?!
inline with my thought. not a bird,
dark inner Om space where the many
and only birds are proliferating sounds
seeds are there you cannot see for food
bark for rubbing shaving gnawing etc
hay for me the smelly horse – aswaghandha
the nice Basquiat man gets it done like this
CSF and others are not present or are but
i am unaware like nothingness is real
chartreuse and blue-grey and India brown smoke
bereavement for time’s sake
chai cup a go-go
eyes need fixing
oh yeah, the fullness oneness etc

no news is good news
especially if it’s coming from the nytimes.com or the guardian
in fact, what ever happened to less is more? what fact?
mother jones or NPR might do better
Still this town and this neighborhood mostly is
like my writing, that is, not a thing.

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