There is some argument that benzodiazepine
usage long-term can cause irrecoverable damage to self.
They say the med is causing either a down-regulation of the GABA
receptor or a decrease in the total amount of GABA receptors – in theory,
perpetual benzo usage enhances the inhibitory effect of GABA more
of these receptor types are made unnecessary; similar to downsizing a
workforce when a technological advancement has been made.
In any case I disagree for the most part, only in elderly persons or
those with some per-existing condition does it seem more likely.

Do I regret calling an ambulance for my mother? I might a little; perhaps
a little more than a little. Again and again. The system, it sucks, the capitalist
machine combined with the stupid meathead quality of the town i suppose. Plus
I suppose I am a little racist too in a racist town (a long and subtle story).
In any case, that’s that.
I was supposed to investigate the reason they used an ng-tube while her breathing was still not so good, which i believe was done in the ambulance. I think I better
investigate this while it’s still relatively recent.

I also wonder if the term “situational therapy” is more
equipped to handle to ideas surrounding addiction than say CBT.
Certain conditions arise like the Buddha says. When those
conditions are no longer present the resulting phenomena also
cease to exist. More often than not, anxiety and stress are due to
environmental conditions, ingrained ideas that make recovery difficult.

If Science is not the enemy, then someone is…

Too be nice. Too be sincere. To write well.
Still I am not a god.
Something feels good and one naturally wants more of that.
A culture. Let me just say, Central Jersey, jersey central whatever,
you have a serious problem. You have created a situation of
great foulness. It is only perception that counts.
A great anger you have presented before me. I am worthless.
Your kind of play is foul. You are a foul bunch.