Happy Mother's Day


All tomorrow’s parties…nah.
The feeling takes priority; but split consciousness
solves this problem

I suppose that having guilty feelings
can keep a memory strong, but so what?
How pathetic is the society? I can’t resist.
Arrogant Americans. Suburban too. City folks
and all the rest. I hope they achieve success
Whatever their agenda may be. A foul foul bunch.
I can listen to this Lester Young thing on repeat
cuz I’m lazy. Lazy like my dipshit father.
Mom I would buy you something like flowers.
Respect for them, so I can score points. I can’t imagine how or why?
Drink the kool-aid and watch TV.
I don’t see with such a foul bunch.
Jersey sucks. That’s a book right there.
A mother’s love has it’s advantages.
Perhaps more than one realizes.
The lithmus test falls far from the tree too.
I know my writing does not make sense;
it’s more like poetry or code. What I mean is,
it makes sense to me; I can fill in the gaps.

The Dull Light Inside
black charcoal vs pick up the cat
over a bird picasso’s
going down without i-ching
white ppl over there, in here, above
rules and laws, respect
canopy Matawan Main St…boo!
Ashes book to read about light eyesight
gifted without a filter so much text typed
muscle in fingers..charcoal i hate on hard ground
paper filing money money time
to put paper in a hat and draw..devils and paranoia.